About Me

I am interested in all aspects of computer technology from theory to practice. I'm a computer scientist, software engineer, software architect, developer, technologist, and overall tinkerer. I am focused on bridging the DevOps gap between by automating and streamlining operations wherever possible. While we may be liable for "keeping the lights on" we are responsible for preventing the world from crashing down in the first place; this requires in depth knowledge of a system including the hardware it runs on, it's operating system, or any dependency it touches.

I am the Technical Lead SRE Lead at Squarespace, helping to connect millions of our customers' websites to the world around them.

    My Expertise

    Like any other respectable computer scientist, my skills lie not just in the technologies that I know but in understanding the theoretical and practical components involved in bringing a project to fruition.

    This requires a big-picture understanding of all phases of a system's lifecycle: planning, design, implementation, deployment, maintenance, and decommissioning.