Hello, I’m Kevin Lynch, a computer scientist, software engineer, software architect, developer, technologist, and overall tinkerer.

My interests are a bit scattered but I am currently focused on bridging the DevOps gap by automating and streamlining operations whenever possible.

For a more complete presentation of my qualifications, please take a look at my resume or my CV.

Like any other respectable computer scientist, my skills lie not just in the technologies that I know but in understanding the theoretical and practical components invovled in bringing a project to fruitiion.

This requires a big-picture understanding of all phases of a project's lifecycle: planning, design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.


Python, Ruby, Shell, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, SQL, XSLT, Lisp, Stratego


Django, Ruby on Rails, Android, GWT, Java EE, Spring


PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Amazon Web Services, KVM, ESXi, VirtualBox, Git, SVN, Emacs, Eclipse, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, Puppet, Chef, Nagios, Cisco IOS

2012 - Present

Drakontas LLC

Lead Software Engineer

I lead the design and development of DragonForce, a web and mobile based command and control system for the security sector.

During this time I have led the deployment and development of the backend server Android client.

2005 - 2012

Software Engineering Research Group


I worked on many different research projects invloving program analysis, reverse engineering, source-to-source transformations, network topologies, and autonomic computing.

2007 - 2010

Drexel University

MS, Computer Science

I studied in the Software Engineering Research Group investigating methods of automatically detecting, classifying, and mitigation software faults.

2003 - 2007

Drexel University

BS, Computer Science

As an undergraduate student I worked on various research projects, and involved myself heavily in the Math and Computer Science Society and Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the computer science honor society.

An n-dimensional Convex Hull Approach for Fault Detection and Mitigation for High Degree of Freedom Robots Humanoid Robots

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Diagnosis of Software Failures Using Computational Geometry

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Reverse Engineering Utility Functions Using Genetic Programming to Detect Anomalous Behavior in Software

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Using Search Methods for Selecting and Combining Software Sensors to Improve Fault Detection in Autonomic Systems

M. Shevertalov, K. Lynch, E. Stehle, C. Rorres, and S. Mancoridis

In the IEEE International Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering (SSBSE'10), Benevento, Italy, Sepetmber, 2010.

On the use of Computational Geometry to Detect Software Faults at Runtime

E. Stehle, K. Lynch, M. Shevertalov, C. Rorres, and S. Mancoridis

In the IEEE Proceedings of the International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC'10), Washington DC, USA, June, 2010.

High-performance implementations of the Descartes method

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